Content marketing

Convince the potential customer to choose your product NOW

You’re in love with your product. You know everything about it – and we mean EVERYTHING – and want to tell it ALL at once. However, let’s be clear: the customer doesn’t care about you or your product. The customer just wants to hear one thing: WHAT’S IN THERE FOR ME?

Once we know everything about your product, your customers and WHY they buy from you, we start with content marketing – from planning, writing, publishing to distribution. Raw, relevant content.

Your product is presented in a way that addresses customers' needs, builds arguments and gets the strongest message possible to convince them to choose your product NOW, not in a few months.

The messages are not intrusive or annoying, they are persuasive enough to encourage them to act NOW: learn more (visit your website, download the brochure, white paper) or place an order. Real time performance management is a guarantee of best results.



Sales materials (website content, e-mailing, e-book, brochure, direct mail, success stories, articles, newsletters)
Presentations (videos, demos, ppts, webinars)
Digital & social media (FB ads, LinkedIn, Google Ads)
Social media – community management
PR articles
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