01. Acquire

Get new customers at a lower cost.  Find out who wants to buy from you and when. Give them what they want, when and in the way they want it.


02. Retain

Increase loyalty & revenue from existing customers. Show them you CARE. Keep doing it to win their hearts & minds – then they’ll come back for more.


03. Grow

Improve the sales of you products and services. Prove that your marketing is effective in driving revenue and decreasing churn. Set the goal - we’ll get you there.


Marketing & odnosi s strankami

Our solutions



One-to-one communications, the most effective way to talk to your customers. Create targeted and personalised campaigns to achieve your goals in the most cost-effective way.




We help your brand speak human in a digital world. Your product is presented in a way that addresses customers' needs, builds arguments and convinces them to choose your product. Now.




Your customers are your company's greatest asset. Create targeted and personalised campaigns to build customer loyalty and reduce churn.




Derive more revenue from your online activities. Start generating more leads and online sales while reducing cost per acquisition.




If you don’t know who your customers are, you don’t know what to offer. Find out what their problems are, what they need and how they see you.




Push your sales with attractive offers, combine online and traditional channels, improve your one-to-one sales pitches to drive sales - results guaranteed.




Turn your frontline employees into a powerful selling machine. Boost their communication and sales skills and increase conversion rates!




We make sure that you do the right things in the right way. Improve conversion rates, reduce customer acquisition costs and boost your sales.




"To all who need and are ready ....
I had the honor to work with Maja over the past 20 years. As professor, confidant, and yes I as student to learn from her, I am so very proud of her progressive blue ocean work she has accomplished for her clients. With all humility as one who ran Rosen/Brown Direct out of Portland Oregon earning 28 echos for my clients,you and your firm will be lucky to have her wisdom on your side. Mazel tov Maja to you and your team. Be the change as a force for good and brilliance."

Richard G. Rosen
President and CEO

"Spago has brought a breath of fresh air into our way of thinking. They constantly encourage us to proceed from the needs of the buyer, even though we are a wholesale dealer that wants to highlight the benefits of our products and offer the best possible. We are of course right in wanting this, but the key lies within the manner, the approach to how we convey such a thing to our buyers. We can talk about our offer and ourselves but through the needs of the buyer. Needless to say, Spago has given us great strategic advice and counsel.

Moreover, what separates Spago from all the other agencies in the market is their commitment, heart, directness, honesty and the fresh ideas they always bring to our meetings.

We have always been pleased with Spago’s work on past projects; with one of the major ones, they have even exceeded our most optimistically set goals.”

Mojca Avšič
Executive Director
Strategic Marketing at Mercator d.d.

“November 2014 marked the second time our bank collaborated with Spago, during which we realised a sales campaign aimed at acquiring new customers and business deals. We are pleased to state that Spago has once again fully met our expectations. We deem their services to be high in quality, with a vast measure of creativity, systematic methodology and adaptability. In short, they offer excellent support towards improving sales.”

Mojca Hočevar
Assistant Sector Director
Banka Koper

"Maja is the most valuable strategic marketing person who helped us rethink our positioning, value proposition, KSPs. From really struggling when selling we have come to a position where a meeting means closing a sale. We are selling the same things, but differently … and that makes all the difference. Thank you Maja :)"

Barbara Bregar-Mrzlikar
CEED Slovenia – Centre for Entrepreneurship & Executive Development

"Four reasons to cooperate with Spago – they are: Creative, Dependant, Responsive, Successful."

Boštjan Bregar
Marg UK, winner of the “2014 Best Business Idea” Award

"I have known Maja as a business partner for 18 years. Whenever I need advice regarding direct response marketing campaigns, I turn to her as my first choice. As a former co-worker, I’ve always admired her archives which served as proof that she planned every campaign carefully and diligently kept records of costs and results. ROI has been and will remain her driving force so her team's good project results are not a coincidence but a logical result."

Barbara Modic
Pristop Media

“Spago is distinguished by its fast delivery, precision and thoroughness, which are part of every project. Another advantage are their rapid response times, whereas the client’s wishes are always enhanced with original ideas, which at the same time go beyond communication tools and also increase the efficiency of sales. They aim to establish long-term cooperation. Maja Golob along with her colleagues is a business partner you can rely on.”

Ana Žugelj Pavlovčič
Lek d.d., member of the Sandoz Group

“There are very few individuals or companies in Slovenia who really understand what direct marketing is and actually know how to use it. Spago is most certainly one of those few.

My first experience with them dates back to the time when I was the Sector Director of Marketing at Telekom Slovenia. I cooperated with them even though they have done work for our telecommunications competitor Simobil, and have, of course, brought them vast successes. They have continued to collaborate with Telekom’s subsidiary companies ever since, including Teledat.

Measurable results and successes are what set Spago apart from other agencies of different types, not to mention the fact that to my knowledge they are the only Slovenian direct marketing agency that has won the prestigious EFFIE award for excellence in communications; for work on a project with Lek, a major pharmaceutical company.

Maja Golob is distinguished for her resounding articles published in magazines such as Finance and Marketing Magazin and for her contributions at various professional marketing events.

Spago is surely the right partner if you are looking to improve the overall efficiency of your activities."

Iztok Sila
Sila Consulting, Winner of the Slovenian “Marketing Director of the Year” award

“You hire an agency to handle a project you know you don't have enough resources for (staff, know-how and equipment) and you expect it to carry it out at least as well as you wanted it to. In our experience, Spago has handled all our projects – regardless of the time constraints – professionally, on both conceptual and practical levels, and they have proven to be pleasant and trustworthy partners. The result was an effective and consumer-oriented campaign and – most importantly – satisfied customers. We are convinced that we will continue to work together on more projects in the future!”

Verena Golmajer
Brand Manager
Danone d.o.o.

”We turn to Spago when we need a lead-generation programme. Through valuable expert advice and by applying marketing techniques based on experience, the effectiveness of direct mailing and the campaign itself is greatly increased. I like the fact that while providing concrete suggestions they take the time to study the problem and product in detail. The result is a great deal of useful advice which helps us increase the efficiency of our communications with our customers."

Marko Maher
spletna POSTAJA d.o.o.

“It was at the start of our cooperation with Spago, following ten years of working with different agencies in various fields of marketing, when a representative of Spago asked me: "And how do you measure the RESULTS of your marketing activities?”

This convinced me that we had chosen a top agency which is not only interested in making “pretty” advertisements, but above all in creating effective campaigns. Spago is an agency that wants to transfer its knowledge and experience to its clients. They are in tune with how potential customers think and feel. And this shows in every project.”

Ksenja Hiti
Renault Nissan Slovenija, d.o.o.

“Spago has been Teledat's partner for over two years. We began our cooperation in the promotion of the bizi.si business directory. We had high expectations for this project and Spago delivered. Their innovative approach, i.e. publishing an e-book, helped us increase our brand’s recognition, obtain potential customers and boost our sales.

We expanded our cooperation to the TIS (Telephone Directory of Slovenia) where we attracted attention with fresh visual ideas and a new way of delivering our content.

The name Spago combines creativity, innovation and daring. And these are the qualities which define market leaders.”

Petra Podlipnik Pelcar
MBA Sales
Teledat d.o.o.

"Working with Spago is not only a pleasant experience. It is always effective. They are goal-oriented, have a wealth of experience and know-how, not to mention their professional realisation of projects which is, to put it mildly, simply icing on the cake."

Peter Curk
Marketing Director
Si.mobil d.d.

“Spago stands out for its uncompromising expertise, systematic methodology and consistency in the realisation of marketing strategies. When studying their solutions, we have quite often ascertained that “we could do it ourselves”, but have at the same time come to the conclusion that the secret of success undoubtedly lies in consistency in communications and the implementation of set concepts and principles from which there should be no deviation.

The company’s long-term returns are higher and more stable and the investment more than compensated for if only it persistently follows the principles it has implemented throughout the collaboration with Spago.”

Igor Žabot
Executive Director
Studio Moderna d.o.o.

“Through the comprehensive redesign of our communications content and tools from a highly technical product oriented towards a customer-value-centric communications model, Spago has helped our company and our Fumis brand achieve greater brand recognition with our target audiences.

By establishing a direct, continued dialogue with our customers, we have managed to reposition ourselves from “supplier” to “partner”, whilst increasing the number and quality of our sales opportunities and creating a positive effect on our sales results.”

Massimo Makovac
Atech d.o.o.

“At Atlantis we have been looking at our internal reserves for increasing sales. We are well aware of the enormous influence service quality and excellent customer service have on customer satisfaction, their loyalty and consequently their consumption.

We’ve decided on a strategic approach to tackling our challenge, thus choosing Spago as our partner. Through carefully planned activities of employee trainings and motivations and the active involvement of our employees in sales, we have managed to increase visitor consumption within our existing clientele as well as our targeted segment of potential customers.”

Miha Rakar
Atlantis Water Park and Millenium Sports Center, BTC d.d.

“There are at least 7 reasons we work with Spago:

1. Because their ideas bring excellent sales results.
2. Because they are always ready to listen to our wishes and put them into practice.
3. Because we always get exactly what we had in mind.
4. Because we never have to ‘bug’ them.
5. Because they have lightning-fast responses.
6. Because they manage their projects independently and with confidence.
7. Because working with them is fun and not a chore.”

Matej Valenčič
Global M d.o.o.

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